Every year, East Chapel Hill High School’s Student Government Association (SGA) holds an election for students to take officer positions. Students can run for the officer position of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. There are also two Class Representative positions for each grade. When a student runs for an officer or representative position, they are expected to have a plan for what they what should be done in Student Government the next year. During campaign season, there will be one debate for each officer position. During these debates, candidates can talk about who they are, what their platform is, and what they think is best for student government. After the debates, the student body heads to the ballots to vote for next year’s student government.

This year, we will be doing paper ballots for voting instead of the online single-transferrable vote of last year. Voters will come to the voting station in front of the Student Government office in the Cafe Commons, right by the CIC, during lunch with your student ID from Monday, May 22-Thursday, May 25. When we check you off, you will get their ballot to vote. All candidates will be informed of the winners on May 26 at lunch and the school will be told at the beginning of 5th period on May 26 over the announcements.

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